Optical Condensed Matter Physics

We use optical spectroscopy to study a wide range of ultrafast phenomena in organic materials at nanoscopic lengths and femtosecond (0.000000000000001 s) time scale, with the main focus on exciton and charge dynamics in energy-related and bio-inspired materials.



The research group Optical Condensed Matter Physics is part of the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, a research institute within the Faculty of Science and Engineering of the  University of Groningen.

The University of Groningen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), was founded in 1614 and is the second oldest in the Netherlands. With its 6500 employees, it houses ~30000 students (incl. 3750 international students) and 1500 PhD students, 48% of whom are international. It belongs to the top 100 research universities in the world and is a member of the distinguished international Coimbra Group of European universities.The University of Groningen is in the top 3 of European research universities in the fields of Material Sciences and Chemistry.

The Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (founded in 1970 as the Material Science Centre) which is ranked as the 9th (1st in Europe) best materials research institute based on publication impact. Its approximately 250 physicists, chemists, and biologists work together on fundamental leading-edge research in materials science. In the national evaluation in 2010 the Zernike Institute was ranked "exemplary".