- 2-Dimensional Infrared spectroscopy setup : 60-fs, 20 uJ, ~3 um pulses; MCT multichannel detection.
Spectroscopy on hydrogen-bonded systems, in particular, perovskite materials.

- Infrared/visible pump-probe setup : Hurricane and TOPAS-based, 1 KHz, 100-fs, 350-1200 nm excitation, 1-20 μm probe, polarization-sensitive, 2 sample channels, nitrogen cryostat.
Spectroscopy on organic photovoltaics (excitons, polarons, CT states, bulk-heterojunction morphology)

- Visible 2-Dimensional spectroscopy setup : Hurricane and TOPAS–based, DAZZLER, 500-750 nm, 1 KHz, 20 fs.
Spectroscopy on excitonic systems

- Streak-camera : Mira-Hamamatsu based, 300-980 nm excitation, 2 ps resolution, optical confocal microscope, cryostat, second-harmonic imaging.
Ultrafast spectroscopy/microscopy on excitons in organic photovoltaics, molecular crystals and monolayers.

- Single-molecule microscopy lab: optical microscope with a 200-nm resolution with wide-field imaging and point excitation.
Microscopy on single excitonic systems.

- General spectroscopy lab: spectrometer and spectrofluorimeter; also used for practicum in the spectroscopy courses given to the master students

- General facilities labs : wet chemlab and physlab